Indian-American Wedding at Cantigny Park

January 13, 2024

Simul and Brian’s intimate Indian (Hindu) celebration, following their “legal” American ceremony, is a captivating blend of cultural richness and heartfelt moments. It took place on a hot July Saturday at Cantigny Park in Wheaton.

The festivities kicked off with the groom’s “Baraat,” a lively dance party celebrating Brian’s arrival on his wedding day. Accompanied by a drummer, music, and an enthusiastic gathering of guests, the procession lead Brian to the ceremony site.

Simul wore an intricate dress from India, adorned with beautiful jewelry and henna. Beneath the “Mandap,” Simul and Brian, accompanied by Simul’s parents, played essential roles in a ceremony brimming with beautiful and humorous Indian traditions.

Highlights of the celebration include the symbolic “Jai Mala” exchange of garlands, signifying the partners’ welcoming into each other’s families. Their guests surrounded the Mandap and showered them with rice and flowers as they made seven circles around a ceremonial fire. Each round representing a specific blessing sought from the gods.

In a lighthearted twist during the final moments of the ceremony, Brian’s shoes mysteriously disappeared. A playful niece of the couple had snuck up and taken them. Brian played along and bought back his shoes, emphasizing the acceptance and open hearts of both sides of the family. This sweet game reflects the family’s readiness to share a lifetime of laughter and fun together.

With many details making the day special, it’s hard to capture them all in words

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