Meet  Grace

I fell in to doing wedding photography...

I was 17 when I photographed my first wedding. I never dreamed of doing weddings, at least not then. I thought maybe in 5 years, if that. My best friend worked at Michael Kors, and her manager was getting married soon. She asked her if she had done engagement photos. She said no, so my friends recommended me to her, as I was just shooting for fun. The next thing I know, we met up at Starbucks to plan for her wedding. I couldn't believe it, but I am so thankful to my first bride for trusting me with her wedding, because now 5 years later with 50+ weddings done, I could never have done it without her. 

Behind the Scenes

Meet   Julia

My right hand woman...

Julia is my amazing associate photographer. If she is not shooting with me, she is helping me with everything else; setting up, tearing down, running around and doing all the dirty work. She is not only an amazing photographer, she is a mom to a sweet boy, Ethan. She is also a certified make up artist, a baking queen. She is a woman that wears many hats, and I am so happy she is apart of the GRP team!


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